We all know that dieting doesn't work… but it sure can leave you with a lot of emotional baggage! 

Nutritional therapy alone is not enough for most clients to attain optimal wellness. Many will come to you after years of dieting, cleanses, and weight loss programs that were unsustainable and may have even damaged their relationship with food. Clients often seek help out of shame, fear, or from feeling at war with their own bodies. We believe sustainable outcomes are based on self-worth and a healthy relationship with food and body.

 How you will benefit:

  •      Income generator
  •      Recruit new clients for individual nutritional therapy
  •      Lay the foundation for clients to stick with protocols
  •      Address the emotional aspects of healing
  •      Build a deeper connection and trust with clients
  •      Establish yourself as an integrative mind-body practitioner
  •      Gain practical tools as you increase your confidence and knowledge base

What is included?

  •      Detailed scripts for each week
  •      Handouts and marketing materials
  •      Disclaimers and communication templates
  •      Support and coaching from Kristy and Rachel
  •      10 CEUs towards NTA renewal (pending)
  •      Participation as a group member to gain firsthand knowledge of the client experienc
  •      Ability to explore your own relationship with food/body

This program will include direct communication and support from Kristy and Rachel to get you comfortable and familiar with the program. This may include an open enrollment period with practitioners completing the group in an online format. Check back for more details!

Each week will cover the following topics:

Week 1 | Explore your relationship with food and your body. Examine your self-talk and understand the origin of your inner narrative as it relates to food and emotions.
Week 2 | Connect with your body's cues, discover how blood sugar impacts cravings, and learn how to tap into your body's innate wisdom.
Week 3 | Learn the physiology of digestion and psychology of eating. Understand the mind-body connection and how stress impacts gut health.
Week 4 | Create your new narrative and gain actionable steps for a healthier relationship with food and your body. Learn strategies to detoxify all aspects of your life. 

When will this program become available?

We are working on the details, but we expect this program to be available for practitioner purchase in 2018. We appreciate the interest we have received and know that many of you are eager to implement this program in your practice, so please join our email list below for updates, and follow us on social media as well.




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