Cravings & Connections

We are also currently accepting members for our first virtual group, which begins on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at 5pm PST. Contact us for details if you'd like to join!

This four-week group for women will focus on the emotional components of eating, un-complicating the relationship with food/body image, and breaking down complicated nutrition topics in a way that's easy to understand and apply. If you struggle with cravings, want to better understand your body’s cues, and like the idea of connecting with other women in a safe, supportive space, then this group is for you. The group will be led by Kristy Malone, MFT, NTP and Rachel Freeman, LCSW, NTC. We have combined our therapy and nutrition skill sets to very thoughtfully create not just a group, but a community where profound growth and transformation can occur.

Week 1 | Explore your relationship with food and your body. Examine your self-talk and understand the origin of your inner narrative as it relates to food and emotions.
Week 2 | Connect with your body's cues, discover how blood sugar impacts cravings, and learn how to tap into your body's innate wisdom.
Week 3 | Learn the physiology of digestion and psychology of eating. Understand the mind-body connection and how stress impacts gut health.
Week 4 | Create your new narrative and gain actionable steps for a healthier relationship with food and your body. Learn strategies to detoxify all aspects of your life.

Groups are ongoing and are held on a rotating basis. If you are interested in attending the next group, simply contact us for more information. 

To join:
Space is limited as we are intentionally creating an intimate, collaborative setting. The cost is $199 per person, and the location is 10720 Thornmint Rd Suite B, San Diego. To reserve your spot or for more information about the group you may contact us directly. We would love to see you there!